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Meet Our Homestead Family


Justin Kurtz – Owner/Inspector

Justin is a dynamic individual, wearing multiple hats with admirable finesse. As the proud Owner of Homestead Inspection Co, he leads with a passion for ensuring the quality and integrity of homes through meticulous inspections. As a seasoned home inspector, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the industry, dedicated to providing comprehensive assessments that empower homeowners and buyers alike. Beyond his professional endeavors, Justin is a devoted family man. As a loving husband and father to three daughters, his life is enriched by laughter, love, and shared experiences within his household. Justin finds joy and rejuvenation in traveling and camping. Justin’s love for travel mirrors his adventurous spirit. He embraces the opportunities for discovery and relaxation that these activities offer. In both his professional and personal life, Justin embodies a harmonious blend of expertise, dedication, and a zest for life. His role as a homeowner advocate and family man highlights a well-rounded individual whose pursuits contribute to the thriving tapestry of his personal and professional journey.


Deric Schroeder – Owner/VP of Marketing/Inspector

Deric stands at the intersection of entrepreneurship, family, and a love for the great outdoors. As the owner of Homestead Inspection Company, Deric brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of home inspection. His commitment to ensuring the integrity of homes is evident not only in his role as a meticulous home inspector but also in his position as the Vice President of Marketing, where he skillfully communicates the company’s values and services. Beyond the professional sphere, he is a devoted father of three. His dedication to family extends to his personal interests, as he finds delight in camping and the great outdoors. His love for camping reflects his appreciation for simple pleasures and quality time spent together. Deric’s vibrant personality extends to his social life, as he is known for being outgoing and sociable. His ability to connect with others adds a warm and inviting touch to both his personal and professional interactions. Deric’s love for people, combined with his passion for the outdoors and commitment to home inspection excellence, creates a well-rounded individual whose life story weaves together professional success, family values, and a genuine appreciation for the beauty of nature.


Kevin Smith – Inspector

Kevin is more than just a seasoned home inspector; he’s a proud veteran of the United States armed forces, having served his country with honor and distinction. With a meticulous eye for detail instilled by his military training, Kevin approaches every inspection with precision and thoroughness. He finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. He’s not only a devoted husband to his wife, who is not only his life partner but also his best friend, but he’s also a doting father to two wonderful daughters. Family comes first for him, and he cherishes every moment spent with his loved ones. When he’s not inspecting homes or bonding with his family, you can find Kevin on the golf course, honing his skills and enjoying the great outdoors. In addition to his love for golf, he takes pride in maintaining his lawn with care and precision. In all aspects of his life, Kevin exemplifies dedication, attention to detail, and a deep appreciation for the things that matter most: family, service, and the simple joys of everyday life.


Jeremiah Rellihan – Inspector

Jerry was born and raised in Kansas City. He is a loving Husband and Father who cherishes every moment spent with his daughter. His dedication to family is a guiding force, and he enjoys creating lasting memories with those he loves. Their shared experiences, whether on camping trips or traveling, form the heart of his happiness. Jerry’s commitment to public service extends beyond his role as a home inspector. When he’s not meticulously inspecting houses, he dedicates his time to the KCMO Fire Department, where he works full-time. His role in the fire department not only showcases his bravery and dedication but also highlights his commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community he calls home. Jerry is a proud Kansas City native, a loving family man, and a dedicated public servant.


Dan Christensen – Inspector

Dan has become a skilled inspector under the careful tutelage of the owners of Homestead. His interest in the industry was sparked by his own home buying experience, giving him an appreciation for the magnitude of a home purchase and an inspector’s role in that process. With his attention to detail coupled with a comprehensive understanding of systems that comprise a home and how they function as a whole, Dan looks forward to helping you make informed decisions about your purchase. Before becoming an inspector Dan enjoyed a successful career in the music industry. First with a four year enlistment in the United States Air Force Heartland of America Band, and subsequently performing and teaching music in Kansas City and New York City. Outside of work, Dan splits his time between performing in the Kansas City jazz scene and the restoration of his home in Independence, Missouri.


Clayton Bicknell – Sewer Camera Technician

Bio Coming Soon!


Cecelia Taibi – Office Manager

Cecelia’s greatest joy comes from her roles as a loving wife and devoted mother to her four children. Family is the center of her universe, and she cherishes every moment spent creating memories and sharing laughter with her loved ones. Being an Auntie is also a role she cherishes. Showering her nieces and nephews with affection, embodying the nurturing spirit that defines her character. Time spent with loved ones is a priority for Cecelia. Her love for family extends to her passion for summertime and family barbecues, where she thrives in the company of those she holds dear. There’s nothing she enjoys more than soaking up the sun at the beach, providing the perfect backdrop for cherished moments of relaxation and connection. Cecelia is a dedicated professional with a warm heart. She has been the reliable office manager for Homestead Inspection Co. since 2012. Her organizational skills, attention to detail, and dedication contribute significantly to the company’s success and have made her an invaluable asset to the team. She takes pride in her role, ensuring the smooth operation of the business. With her infectious enthusiasm for life and unwavering dedication to those she loves, Cecelia exemplifies the beauty of finding joy in both work and family. Her commitment to creating a warm and welcoming environment, both at home and in the office, is a testament to her compassionate nature and the depth of her character.

Homestead Inspection is a family-owned and operated business. We have over 30 years of residential building experience and over 24 years in the home inspection services. We want you to feel confident as we will identify safety issues, concerns, and more.  Buying a new home, you want to know the true condition of the house.  Come meet our team and most importantly our family.

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